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The first Lost&Found course was run in South Africa in 2007. The course has proven efficacy in providing “support – motivation – equipping and directing” for our youth.  Since then, we have added more courses to compliment the original Lost&Found (L&F) course.  L&F has also amalgamated with UPnOVER Training (UnO). 

UnO focuses on developing and facilitating specialist programmes in education and schools. It does this by its value-offering to pupils, teachers and those involved in working with our youth.Experience in education, a sincere interest in the welfare of our youth, a passion to inspire the leaders of tomorrow and a broad range of partner organizations, both locally and internationally, enables UnO to develop a range of material and courses related to its fields of involvement.

Youth support

Experiences of personal loss are present in various forms and manifest in different ways. A large number of our youth are exposed to significant personal loss. The cruel realities of confronting these feelings more than once, is an emotionally disruptive experience for many. The Lost&Found course is specifically developed and adapted for the South African culture, with the help of our local and international partners, Lerato's Hope and This Way Up Youth Project (UK). The course looks at these very sensitive situations, and leads young people through a process that equips them to understand and handle these emotions better.  By enabling them to deal with, and understand their own emotions, they are also enabled to provide support to friends and others around them who experience similar situations.  Course-material is available in both English and Afrikaans, for teens aged 10-18.  Because of the enormous need for emotional healing, we desire to greatly expand the program.  For this, we need consultants who are trained and accredited as facilitators by UPnOVER.  We are also adapting the course to address the needs of younger children and adults.


Staff Training

A school can only function optimally if its staff members are properly supported, their attributes acknowledged, and their personal and professional aspirations accommodated.  Personal experience in teaching, a real working knowledge and interest in staff issues and dynamics provides the necessary background to look at the realities and needs of teachers from both inside and out the teaching situation.  Teachers appreciate the understanding and empathy UNO has for their aspirations, challenges and frustrations.  They experience our input as sincere, knowledgeable and unbiased.  It is imperative that teachers are valued as both educators and leaders, and that the importance of self-leadership and the maintenance of a sound self-worth within the moral base and demands of the teaching profession, are (again) highlighted and communicated to them during this course.  Although the course addresses some general issues, it can be adapted to address staff-needs that are specific to an organization or school. Current contents are compressed into a balanced core-presentation of 4 hours.  Upon completion of the course, a summary of course results and a profile of the staff’s requirements, fears, positive experiences, frustrations and aspirations, are compiled and submitted to the school management.  The school’s management team can utilise this information to guide them in addressing problem areas, as well as integrating staff aspirations and proficiencies into their strategy.  Follow-up courses are suggested for continuity and evaluation, but not required.


Other courses

Complete seminars about self-leadership, history makers, youth leadership, peer mentoring, teamwork, stress handling etc can also be presented in existing or customised courses. UnO can also act as facilitator for other specialist courses or needs.


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